Monday, April 7, 2014

Pandora Box Opened

It has been quite a while since the Pandora craze became so epidemic in the Philippines.  At first, I refused to be under its spell until my daughter asked (tormented is actually the right term) me to buy her the bracelet and some charms as gifts for all the occasions that came and yet to come.  Even her gift for Christmas 2014 has already been compromised.

She introduced Pandora to me as an accessory where you can make your own story.  Your own story, your own design . . . hmmm intriguing.

I've been buying charms to complete my daughter's story (which is painstakingly taking some time as she is allegedly "still finding her identity").  When I got so frustrated that her story wouldn't match mine, I had to create my own.  The first charm was followed by the next and the rest is history. . . or not yet coz I am still at it.  Words of caution - Pandora is not for the frail of heart.  It comes with a certain kind of addiction.

First, I chose the sterling silver bracelet as I find the leather and textile so juvenile and the 14k so out-of-my budget.


I started with charms to represent the persons dear to me.

Then these to signify love:

If my DH will not object,  I think my story is a quarter complete.

Then on with my next story - my other loves:

Needed this chain clips for safety.

Whoever conceptualized Pandora is so damn smart for conceiving a way to steal you of your hard earned money fashionably.  Since I am a willing victim, I have no regret.  Anyway, I have my perennial excuse - this is an investment for future generation.  By the way, Pandora boutiques offer a lifetime cleaning.

Happy with what I have created so far.  Never had an accessory so dear to me for the stories they hold (except of course for those with sentimental value).  

Since I have some available space to fill, on with my next story.