Sunday, March 10, 2013

Show Some Love To Your Bags

If your easy excuse for buying a bag that cost an arm is for the next generation's use, you should at least act up to it.  There are countless ways of taking care of your bags, which range from simple dusting off to having it cleaned professionally.

When you have more than one, the storage may pose some problem.  Fine if you have adequate sq. m of storage space to keep them (Gretchen lang ang peg), but for most of us who are just sharing with somebody's closet for some needed space, there is a special care to ensure that our bags will maintain their fitness for the benefit of the next (lucky) generation.

A friend who runs Weddings By Victoria, a wedding coordination business, has ventured into another feat.  She does customized bag fillers, for all types and sizes..

This one needs some professional help, I know.  Soon baby!  In the meantime, the filler will help you maintain your shape.

I stored this once in a box that didn't fit well perfectly and I still regret it to date because of the irreparable damage it caused to the shape.  Glad for the filler.

This bag is so small you can store it just anywhere.  The more reason for the bag filler, right.

This bag will surely see more of the storage box than the light of the day because of the sensitivity of the color.  Hence, the much needed filler.

If you can spend wallet busting bags to add to your collection, the fillers surely wouldn't hurt your pocket at all.  I am sure the benefits surely outweigh the cost.

(This is not a sponsored post). :)