Sunday, December 30, 2012

That White Top

A white top is so basic.  There is suppose to be no excuse not having one in your closet. Ironically though, finding a perfect one is an ordeal.  Retail shops do not readily offer a perfect white top (or probably its just me who do not seem to fit in a perfect top).  So when I found a white top at Mango, I  grabbed one in a jiff (could have bought two but prevented myself from doing so for practical purposes).  

I love this top. It has sheer fabric in front and a jersey cotton at the back. So comfy.  Since I bought this, it has been a fave. Paired this with my shorts in all colors, leggings, jeans and will soon be paired with my office wear.

Top: Mango / Shorts: Mango / Belt: SM Accessories / Shoes: Primadonna

Have you seen your perfect white top.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Piece that Saved the Day

I stood as one of the godmothers for a friend's son.  Since it was held out of town, I was in a dilemma what to wear as I might over dress for a laid back set-up.  So I opted to wear a basic black trouser pants and flats. I just made "bawi" with a beaded top.  

Could have been better with heeled shoes to look less casual but since I would be toting a baby around, flats are always ideal. 

Top: F21 / Trouser: Bazaar find / Shoes: Tory Burch / Bag: Prada / Sunnies: Michael Kors

Sunday, December 23, 2012


The reunions and gatherings this Season are tests to your fashion sense.  With all the social media available to record and make your event somehow a public consumption, there is a pressure to look decent at least.  Unfortunately, it is more challenging for those "figuratively" challenged.  Thank god for those cover ups. They work to literally cover what needs to be covered.

A lined blazer would have done the same trick but I am trying to avoid anything that would remind me of work while I enjoy the few remaining days of my vacation.  So I opted for unstructured cover-up in sheer fabric, perfect for that casual but mod look.

While dark colors would have worked wonders to make me look smaller, I dressed up in red to stay attuned with the spirit of Christmas.

Added some gold accent to draw the attention away from the not so flattering body part. :)

Top/Trousers/Accessories: Bazaar finds / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Prada

Another fashion dilemma solved.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sheer Madness

Another party to attend. Time to dress up a notch higher than the usual shorts and casual top.  

I like the sheer tops that you see off the rack in almost all retail stores for quite some time now.  They are just pretty and very feminine.  They are sure winners for any occasion.  Whether you pair one with shorts, trousers or denim, with the right shoes and accessories, you are good to go.

I have always been in love with any color paired with black, especially white (or off white).  You will never go wrong with this classic color combi.

I paired the denim with heeled shoes to add more height and to balance off a heavy top. :)

Top: F21 / Pants: Bazaar find / Shoes: Aldo

How about you? What is your latest sheer loot?


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dress Up for the Occasion

Lately, I have been wearing clothes in dark hues to make me look smaller.  But dark colors kinda rub some gloominess which is not fitting for today's occasion _ my wedding anniversary. So I opted for an outfit in bright colors. 

Top: Pink Manila / Pants: Betty / Shoes: Naturezza / Bag: YSL

May the positivity of the colors convert to a more blissful years of married life together. :) 


Friday, December 7, 2012

No Fuss Dressing and Some Tutorial

Since I am still on leave, I get to enjoy the luxury of going out everyday to complete my Christmas shopping.  Going out everyday needs dressing up everyday.  While I can live by wearing shorts, I am not much of a shirt person for obvious reason.  Shirts tend to cling to your body.  Unfortunately, I don't have the body type.  Instead, I go for loose tops to hide what needs to be hidden.

Love this top. It basically sums up my mental state when I purchased this.

This pair of shoes add some drama to an otherwise boring outfit.

Top : WAGW / Shorts : Bazaar find / Shoes : Primadonna / Bag : YSL / Sunnies : Gucci

Noticed the little volume on my hair? I found this hair puff in one of the stalls in Rockwell Bazaar, the 1721 Hair Accessories. It comes in 2 sizes.

How to use: Put a desired volume of your hair up.

Insert the hair puff under. I used a small puff here.

Secure it with a hair pin or a small hair clamp.

Not so obvious from this angle, but it added volume to my flat hair. No need for teasing.

I bought other hair accessories too to create a bun on the hair. You can check the net for some tutorials (there are a lot).  Are we not glad for these accessories?  They afford help in creating the updos which before could be done only in salons.  Hope to do the tutorial on the donut bun soon.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

British Invasion

While I always imposed upon my daughter my sense of fashion, hers gets to rub on me at times.  Of recent, she has been a One Direction convert.  Hence, her love for anything British.  She has been nagging me to buy her a shirt with the London flag.  Surprisingly, a lot of stalls in bazaars sell these shirts.   There is even one from the kids section of Zara when I last visited their Glorietta Branch.  I do not know if the popularity of the One D has something to do with this.  

I bought even one for myself. Syempre hindi papahuli si Mommy.

They say if you can't beat them, join them!

Even a baby store is in trend.  Bought this at Mothercare.

On me: Top: Bazaar find / Pants: Travel find / Shoes: Naturezza 
On my daughter: Bazaar find / Pants: Kids of Bayo / Shoes: Primadonna

Whether you are a directioner or not, wont hurt to embrace this trend. Your thoughts? :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Channeling my frustration

It's a season where reunions are scheduled left and right.  There is a pressure to look your best or at least an improved version of what you were the last time time they saw you.  You need to leave a good mark to avoid being bad mouthed about (paranoid ang peg).

The malls are offering a wide selection of ensemble for the season.  The only problem apart from financial is if you could fit in to those clothes which seemed to have been tailored fit for a size 0.  Have you ever been frustrated to fit clothes which looked so good in mannequin but they looked like a joke on you? A LOT OF TIMES, YES!!!!!

One of the styles that have been a craze is floral pants with a top in bold color to match.  This is especially nice if you are skinny enough to be mistaken as a flower vase impersonator.  Since my daughter has the body type, I dressed her up to my fashion's content.  I'm glad she shares my fashion sense. :)

Top: Red Head / Pants: Betty / Bag: Ichigo / Shoes: Melissa / Accessories: SM

Hopefully, I'll be fit to be in trend soon before the season ends. TNT!