Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (Summer colors in the office)

It is quite obvious from my previous posts that I have been loving the color blue not only for its aesthetic value but because of the comfort it provides (at least the eyes) from the excruciating heat of summer.  I think sporting summer colors are not just limited for students relishing the summer vacation or for people enjoying the outdoors.  Even office people can adopt a summery effect in their office attire provided the  professionalism look is still there.

This blue blazer has been with me for few months already but for lack of a nice bottom to pair it with, it got parked in the closet.  Glad I chanced upon this skirt when killing time at the mall.  What more could be cooler than pairing blue with color white.  They are just perfect for the summer.

I got here an extra with me who was dashing in his superman costume.

(Inner Top, Shoes and Accessories: Ghills Bazaar / Blazer: Alexane by SM / Skirt: Forever 21)

What is your office summer wear version?


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