Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Peter Pan Collar

The peter pan collar is having its share in the retail spaces.  Because it has garnered some popularity, you can even buy detachable peter pan collars for use in any of your tops.  Some are made of leather/rette or embellished with sequins to convert your simple top to a sure glam.

While I believe the peter pan collar is named not after the the Peter Pan, the animated Disney movie, I think it derives some inspiration from it. I can't help but feel peter pan collars' association with something fun, girly, young and innocent.

I do not know if I did some justification to my intro but at least I feel young and less serious in this top.

(Top: Ghills Bazaar / Skirt: SM Depart Store / Shoes: Aldo)

More of these peter pan collars soon.


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  1. Hi regina,may i please know where u can get these peter pan collars from?i live in dubai:)

    It would be a great help!
    love ur outfits!



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