Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love for Matching Clothes

Its been quite a while since my last entry.  I have been busy figuring out the solutions to never ending hormonal issues which proved to have none at all.  Decided to embrace it for three months or so and focus on some things I used to love doing ___ blogging.

I had occasion previously to post in my blog my love for matching clothes for the family.  To cater to this fixation, I had ventured on a retail business of matching clothes for mom and daughter.  Unfortunately, the business could not be sustained on a sideline basis.  Hope to resume in the near future expanding it to include father and son.  

Meanwhile, I have developed a friendship with a seamstress who gives in to my fetish for matching clothes.  But since made-to-order matching clothes do not afford a practical choice, the retail market is always an option. I have accumulated pictures of my family in matching clothes scored from local stores.  Because it is an effort, physically and financially, to look for one, every matching clothes spotted is considered a jackpot.

Who would expect to find matching clothes for mom and daughter at Kids of Bayo?


Got these matching unisex shirt from Zara kids.

(Shorts: Bazaar finds)

I was beyond ecstatic to score this matching board shorts at Spin.  Glad DH lost weight to fit in the biggest size at Spin.

More of these matching outfits soon. 


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