Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Daughter's Shoes May Be Telling Me Something. . .

My daughter has for quite some time had loathe color pink already, which I took as a sign of a rousing adolescent life.  Her favorite colors became more intense _ red, purple, blue, orange.  Since she is my first born, I could not help but deny that she may not actually be my baby anymore.  So what a clinging mom would do, I would still shop for dress (which would pass for a Sunday dress), ruffled skirts (or tutu), leggings in yummy colors with ballet shoes to match.   You wouldn't even find more than 2 pairs of jeans in her wardrobe.

Recently, she has been insistent on filling her wardrobe with jeans.  Lately, she wouldn't stop pestering me about buying her sneakers.  While she had few pairs of sneakers before, the colors would still be on girly shades of pink or fuschcia with varying designs ( blinking lights, glitter, etc).  So it came as a  shock when she asked me to buy her a converse sneakers in BLACK! Yes, in BLACK! My feminine sense of fashion couldn't get through her, so she prevailed.

I grew up in a generation when parent's fashion sense was imposed upon children until they were old enough to buy their own.  So this is quite new to me.  What's even more shocking is the sense of fashion my daughter is now geared towards.  Oh my, could I still deny that she is no longer a baby?! Probably, not! Along with her change of fashion sense is her often, if not always, display of drift to control her parents to give in to her.  I always find myself in argument with her to the point of exhaustion.  Looks like everyday is a power struggle day.  Now, more than ever, I feel the need to be always on my toes, never to be left unguarded  with my parental authority or I will be devoured live.  

The shoes may be saying something else apart from her changing sense of fashion.  My daughter may actually be entering into a phase of adolescent milestone.  While she will forever be my baby, I guess it would not hurt to start buying books on how to deal with teenagers. Any book you can suggest? 

On a different note, I was so glad my daughter didn't mind me buying the same for her brother.  So, took advantage and bought my son the same pair.  

I should buy a pair soon for me.  What do they say? If you can't beat them, join them!

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