Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day After Weekend Buffet Dress

No better way to spend weekends than eating out with family.  That means maximum of 6 main meals, excluding in between snacks.  The result is an inevitable pounds and inches added to the already stubborn pounds and inches accumulated.  Naturally so, dressing up on Mondays is an ordeal.  

This is the reason why I stocked on shift dresses.  They save me on these days.

Since the print is loud enough, just wore it with a simple necklace.

Joining the vintage Casio watch craze.

As always, heels convert any attire into office-worthy.  The higher the better. This is something I  am willing to sacrifice for fashion's sake.  

Another fashion dilemma solved!

Dress: The Ramp / Shoes: Zara / Accessories: Landmark & F21 / Watch: Vintage Casio from Nowherenow / Bag: LV


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