Friday, November 30, 2012

Fiercer Than Ever (translation - mas makapal mukha ko ngayon :))

It has been a long time since I did an outfit post for reasons known to those who may have seen me on the way.  It was just so unsightly.  Actually, to be conservative about it, I think I will need a year or so to do some worthy outfit post again with my ideal weight.

But I just missed blogging. So pardon my indiscretion as I tried to blog about my outfit today with a body masked with inches upon inches of fats. This may serve as a journal of my supposed transition from a size toot toot to a size 8. And I may just offer some reprieve for those looking for inspiration but couldn't find one from those fashion bloggers who seemed to get an inspiration from the geometric beauty of a broomstick.

Warning: this is not for skinny girls.

Thank God for those loose-but-not-lousy looking tops! They do some trick to hide those bulges.

Testing the old fashion trick of showing off what can be shown off.  At least I still have body parts which have not been invaded yet by fats_ my legs.

Love the long back. It provides some illusion of length.

Eyesore? I think I should start my photoshop 101 to do some electronic surgery. What do you think?


Top: Pink Manila / Shorts: Bazaar find / Shoes: Schu / Bag: YSL / Sunnies: Gucci


  1. congrats! you are now equally lined with "break my style"...your fashion sense really serves an inspiration to moms like me who just gave birth too..keeping up seems effortless (^^)

  2. Thank you for your very generous comment. :)


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