Saturday, December 1, 2012

Channeling my frustration

It's a season where reunions are scheduled left and right.  There is a pressure to look your best or at least an improved version of what you were the last time time they saw you.  You need to leave a good mark to avoid being bad mouthed about (paranoid ang peg).

The malls are offering a wide selection of ensemble for the season.  The only problem apart from financial is if you could fit in to those clothes which seemed to have been tailored fit for a size 0.  Have you ever been frustrated to fit clothes which looked so good in mannequin but they looked like a joke on you? A LOT OF TIMES, YES!!!!!

One of the styles that have been a craze is floral pants with a top in bold color to match.  This is especially nice if you are skinny enough to be mistaken as a flower vase impersonator.  Since my daughter has the body type, I dressed her up to my fashion's content.  I'm glad she shares my fashion sense. :)

Top: Red Head / Pants: Betty / Bag: Ichigo / Shoes: Melissa / Accessories: SM

Hopefully, I'll be fit to be in trend soon before the season ends. TNT!

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