Tuesday, December 4, 2012

British Invasion

While I always imposed upon my daughter my sense of fashion, hers gets to rub on me at times.  Of recent, she has been a One Direction convert.  Hence, her love for anything British.  She has been nagging me to buy her a shirt with the London flag.  Surprisingly, a lot of stalls in bazaars sell these shirts.   There is even one from the kids section of Zara when I last visited their Glorietta Branch.  I do not know if the popularity of the One D has something to do with this.  

I bought even one for myself. Syempre hindi papahuli si Mommy.

They say if you can't beat them, join them!

Even a baby store is in trend.  Bought this at Mothercare.

On me: Top: Bazaar find / Pants: Travel find / Shoes: Naturezza 
On my daughter: Bazaar find / Pants: Kids of Bayo / Shoes: Primadonna

Whether you are a directioner or not, wont hurt to embrace this trend. Your thoughts? :)

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