Friday, December 7, 2012

No Fuss Dressing and Some Tutorial

Since I am still on leave, I get to enjoy the luxury of going out everyday to complete my Christmas shopping.  Going out everyday needs dressing up everyday.  While I can live by wearing shorts, I am not much of a shirt person for obvious reason.  Shirts tend to cling to your body.  Unfortunately, I don't have the body type.  Instead, I go for loose tops to hide what needs to be hidden.

Love this top. It basically sums up my mental state when I purchased this.

This pair of shoes add some drama to an otherwise boring outfit.

Top : WAGW / Shorts : Bazaar find / Shoes : Primadonna / Bag : YSL / Sunnies : Gucci

Noticed the little volume on my hair? I found this hair puff in one of the stalls in Rockwell Bazaar, the 1721 Hair Accessories. It comes in 2 sizes.

How to use: Put a desired volume of your hair up.

Insert the hair puff under. I used a small puff here.

Secure it with a hair pin or a small hair clamp.

Not so obvious from this angle, but it added volume to my flat hair. No need for teasing.

I bought other hair accessories too to create a bun on the hair. You can check the net for some tutorials (there are a lot).  Are we not glad for these accessories?  They afford help in creating the updos which before could be done only in salons.  Hope to do the tutorial on the donut bun soon.


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