Sunday, December 30, 2012

That White Top

A white top is so basic.  There is suppose to be no excuse not having one in your closet. Ironically though, finding a perfect one is an ordeal.  Retail shops do not readily offer a perfect white top (or probably its just me who do not seem to fit in a perfect top).  So when I found a white top at Mango, I  grabbed one in a jiff (could have bought two but prevented myself from doing so for practical purposes).  

I love this top. It has sheer fabric in front and a jersey cotton at the back. So comfy.  Since I bought this, it has been a fave. Paired this with my shorts in all colors, leggings, jeans and will soon be paired with my office wear.

Top: Mango / Shorts: Mango / Belt: SM Accessories / Shoes: Primadonna

Have you seen your perfect white top.


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