Monday, January 28, 2013

Day Off Dress

I was off from motherly duties, at least for few hours.  Since there was no rule in dressing up (like buttons in front for easy feeding), grabbed the opportunity to use this piece I scored on sale.  

I just find this dress interesting with the sheer fabric used as accent to a jersey cotton dress.  The feel is so light.  Could actually be used as a house dress, aka "duster", if not for the attitude. :-)  The color combination is very eye-catchy.  No need to pile on accessories.  I will definitely use this often for those no fuss dressing days. 

Dress: Promod / Shoes: Schu / Earrings: F21

Incidentally, Promod is on their last days on sale with further reduction along with the other leading fashion brands, until Feb. 3 (I think).  Hay! Too much to buy with too little time (not to mention too little finances). :)


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