Friday, January 18, 2013

My Kind of Classic

I remember when a friend was stressing out in choosing a color motif for her wedding, my very significant contribution was to suggest (actually I was insisting) in pairing any color she thought of with a black accent, unmindful of her Chinese lineage. My point . . any color accentuated with black will be motif perfect.

Gone were the days when black is paired only with white.  Classic color combo for me is any color paired with black. 

This black and cobalt blue combo is a perfect example. I just love tops with black trimmings.  It does give one a clean and polished look.

I had a choice to pair the top with my staple black skirt but it might just "de-stressed" the accent on my top.  So I opted to wear another staple, my grey skirt.

Used a belt for added accent.

A classic bag for a classic ensemble - my very abused bag. I just wish this bag will survive to be passed on to the next generation.

I was glad that I could fit in to this pair which I purchased online before I got a bump. They matched perfectly with my top.  While a more colorful pair would work well also, I just wanted to maintain the preppy look.

Top: F21 / Skirt:Alexa / Shoes: High Style Fashion / Belt: Plains and Prints / Bag: Prada

These pieces are just so classic.  They will surely pass the test of trends.


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