Friday, January 25, 2013


Yay! Its Friday! Another work week almost accomplished.  

Friday comes, I always feel a general sense of defiance from adhering to the norm of corporate dress up which I am bound to follow during the rest of the work week.   While circulars have been issued to emphasize that Friday is not a dress down day, at least in our workplace, people still find their way to dress up less corporate than usual.  I am guilty as charged.  

In my defense though, I always incorporate the use of accessories to look decent at least. :)

Pairing any ensemble with a pair of heels never fails to elevate an average Jane look to a top brass Mary.

Top: Details / Trousers: Bazaar Find / Shoes: High Style Fashion / Bag: YSL / Belt: Mango / Accessories: Landmark and SM Accessories

I think I made a substantial compliance here.

Another piece of advice, have a blazer ready at bay for that unexpected emergency meeting.


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