Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are We Starting Them Young?

When my DD refused to be carried in public, the fact hit me. . .  she is not a baby anymore.  She has started to take interest in what I wear, commenting even when not asked.  Some of my clothes and shoes have been pre-selected as hers when they would fit her already.  What is fascinatingly scary is her interest in branded products.  She once exclaimed "what would she do without Zara!".  Once in a while, she would asked me which one is the most expensive among my bags.  She once dreamt of owning an Hermes bag.  .   .  and she is just 9!!!! 

Studies are replete with conclusion that parents play a great role in how their children choose to grow up, more than environment, school or peers.  I have been justifying my every acquisition with the thought that eventually they will be hers to own.   I have been introducing her to some luxury items which my limited resources can afford.  If that is bad, then I am guilty as charged.  I just want the best for her.  But do not get me wrong,  I still do exercise discretion in giving in to her whims, after all, she is just 9.

Her latest desire . . . a satchel bag.  I mulled over whether to buy her the original Cambridge Satchel or otherwise.  After much thought, I decided not to buy her the expensive kind but the "reasonable" one. I fairly know after few times of use it will just sit in the corner unloved and unused just like her other bags.  I chanced upon Dream Big Shop through multiply.  They sell satchel bags in NU Leather.  Purchased one in red.  She loves it a lot.  Now I am thinking of getting her the other colors. :-b

Seeing how happy my DD is, I do not mind pulling some strings to get what she wants. . .  even if she is just 9!


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