Monday, January 23, 2012

Rural Beauty

Once in a while it is nice to go visit your province of origin to relish and bask a laid back life.  It is also a respite from the city life aka "mall life".

Since the weather seemed unfriendly, chose to wear light clothes both in terms of color and material.

(Still in search of my angle. Hehehe)

Edited to make the photos black and white to reflect the simple (or boring :D) life in the province.

(Top: from Ghills: Trousers: travel finds)



  1. Working Mom, I think your angle is the one in pics 1, 2 and 5. Either a bit looking down or your head a bit titled to the right. :) -- just in case you're wondering this is RYM.

    1. Thanks, Furball. I will take note of that. :D


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