Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chronicle of A Working Mom (update wardrobe)

Being part of the workforce myself, I especially commiserate with working women who is faced with the everyday challenge to put up a fashionable but decent office attire.  An overflowing closet is not an assurance of a worry free dressing up work day in and out because most often than not you just end up using 10% of your wardrobe regularly.  

Wearing of the same clothes just after a week is an unspoken no-no.   The challenge it to learn to mix and match what you have for that fresh look.  When all else fails, I think its time to buy a new one to add to your roster of clothes which you wear regularly.

Got this not-so-pocket-slitting-dress from Details.  Now, I have added another one to the few number of office wear that I just use in cycle.  What does this mean. . . longer days before I get to repeat wearing them again.

(Dress: Details; Shoes: Ghills; Bangles: 168)

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