Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (a weekend)

Yay! Weekend!  What does this mean? Errands! Errands! Errands!  No rest for me as usual as I will do some "home work" for the family,  But this is the working day I loved being in.  It is the only time I get to work while being in the loving company of my kids and DH.  Our itinerary, buy some stuff for DD as prize for her perfect quizzes and UTs, hair cut for my patootie and the never ending trip to the grocery.

While the day is set to accomplish some domestic task, it is not an excuse to dress down.  You do not want to run into a high school rival or worst, an ex who dumped you for a hottie.  You just could not give them that affirmation (oops, too much information).  

No need for some glitter or glamorous garb on a weekend for me, a decent one will do.  While I love to sport those wedges and flatforms in exceeding heights, they wont do for me since I am the the designated baby carrier on weekdays (I just wish it translates to lesser pounds).

Got the sheer top from Ghills (this is the one I mentioned about during my previous post).  The shorts  are also from Ghills for unbelievably cheap price.  

(Shoes: Zara; Bag: Longchamp; Earrings from SM)


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