Friday, January 27, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (Prepare Clothes the Night Before)

I was late again in the office! My fifth for the month.  Two more and I will be "memoed". As usual, I spent longer time than I should ideally have in picking clothes to wear.  I had the perfect outfit in my mind the night before but when I tried them on in the morning, didn't pass even the approval of my househelpers.

When you think of your attire for the day, you get some inspiration from a piece and then the rest will follow.  I have been wanting to wear the shoes that I bought more than 2 years ago which I haven't worn since around the same time.  Since I was running late, I ended up choosing the most safest ensemble to pair with the shoes.

Result? Booooring!!!!!

But at least I did get to wear these funky shoes.

Lesson: Do not just think what you will wear in the office the next day but actually try it on the night before.

(Top: Mango; Trousers: Attitude; Shoes: SM)


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