Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (keep pieces with potentials)

What to wear today? My black dress? Can't, just wore it the other day.  My ever reliable Kashieca by Randy Ortiz dress? No, an officemate just wore hers yesterday.  There is an advantage after all to being a garbage collector.  While my closet could no longer hold my wardrobe, I refuse to give my clothes away for the thought that they may come back in season or my daughter may find the same of use in the future.  This particular dress was with me for more than five years or even longer (I think). I do not even remember where I actually bought it.  This was taken out of my regular ensemble for months.  I just suddenly felt wearing it and I love how it looks on me now. 

Si Yaya naman hindi pa binuo.  Anyway, cropped one of the photos taken to show the shoes, probably one of the few comfy ones I have.

(Shoes: Aldo)


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