Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Frugal Dressing

While one can name a tune in one note, I can dress you up for less than a thousand (connect please, hehehe).  We ought to know by now that expensive clothing does not automatically convert into a chic get-up.  Inversely, a cheap clothing does not necessarily mean trashy wear, at least not all the time.  Although knowing that you are sporting an expensive clothes gives you that extra confidence for that overall effect, it is all in the mind.

The top was purchased by an officemate in Divi for less than P200.  We used this as our costume for a Christmas presentation.  The shorts around the same value were purchased from Ghills few years back.  The shoes were bought for less than P400, also from Ghills.  For your belt needs, SM and Landmark have a variety for a very reasonable price.  For less than a thousand, I think it can pass for a look which is more than its actual value.

How about you? What is your version of frugal dressing?


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