Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BB Cream

At first, I had reservation in sharing this topic because this will entail revelation of one of my recent treasured beauty secrets.  However, since one of the purposes of my blog is to contribute in every way I can to beautify the world, I decided to give this a go.

I first witnessed the amazing effect of a BB cream through a dear friend Lilibeth, who I recently saw during our annual reunion.  I have been dying to ask what could be the reason for her flawless look (not that she is not flawless but her flawless skin was made more apparent), but waited for the right time to ask. . . you know girls can be proud at times.  When I couldn't hold it no more, I asked bluntly why her skin was glowing.  Willingly, she shared her beauty secret _ a BB cream from Korea.  

Since then, I have been constantly searching the net for the best BB Cream available locally taking into consideration my sensitive skin and the budget I am willing to spend for a tube.  I didn't know when the craze started but I was surprised to learn that a lot of brands are offering BB creams already.  Confused, I decided to go for a brand known to cater for sensitive skin, Neutrogena.   When I was about to buy, I got detoured at Face Shop.  I was amazed by the different BB creams available, each claiming to give a variety of wonders to your skin.  But this particular BB cream got me at "Ma'am this one has an anti-aging effect". Hence, without further ado, it was bought!

What is a BB Cream?  What is the difference between a BB cream and a moisturizer?  BB cream or Blemish Balm, is designed as a total skin treatment.  It has a moisturizing effect.  It has an SPF sunscreen protection.  It can be used also as primer under a foundation.  And if you get the right tint, it can even work as a foundation less the "eeky" feeling.  This particular BB cream even has an additional claim to fame - power lifting!  So what is there not to like? This BB cream spells MAGIC!

I have been using this for less than a week so I do not know if I hold any credibility but so far, I have been loving its flawless and natural effect on my face.  While I still use a moisturizer under this cream, it considerably lessen my beauty regimen.  

Sorry, a before-and-after-photo-effect would have been effective but as usual, no time for this. You may just want to rely on my testimony or you can do your own research and contribute your share in beautifying the world!

Anyway, special thanks to my friend Lilibeth for introducing me to BB cream. I will be forever grateful to you. :D


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