Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Color-Block?

Ever wondered why people who are fashionably forward seemed to be bolder and vibrant than ever in their color choices?  This is not coincidence friends, but the hottest trend of spring/summer season - color-blocking.  I have searched for a clear and universal definition of what color-blocking is, but it led me to varying definitions.  As I see samples of color-blocking ensemble in the internet, I assume this trend is about wearing pieces of bold, contrasting but supplementary colors which when combined will create a look that cannot be missed or one that would surely pop among the crowd.  And if done wisely, while 2 or more loud colors are combined, it still manages to be an eye candy.

Since color-blocking is about finding the right color combination that would complement each other, the color wheel is inevitably material in the entire exercise.  The basic rule in combining color which we used even in scrapbooking is the rule of thirds.  This can be achieved by making a triangle with 3 equal sides.  From there 2 or 3 colors that touches the triangle can be combined.  Hence, orange, violet and green would be a nice color combo for color-blocking.

The analogous colors (three colors lined up together), as well as other color combinations and techniques using the color wheel, may provide some guidance as well.

I have also seen bright colors paired with neutrals and the same passed as color-blocking.

You can also see a lot of color-blocking 101 in the internet complete with pictures of ensemble to guide you through this trend.  Or you can opt to buy a color wheel for your easy reference.  For those, however, who feel color-blocking is too liberating to their fashion sensitivity, they may combine only 2 colors for a start.

These guides though do not guarantee successful color blocking.  At the end of the day, it still is your personal choice of colors taking into consideration what color best works for you and the style that best suits your body type.  And most importantly, own it!  I did!

(Top: Landmark / Shoes: BCBG / Accessories: Borrowed from sister)
Thank you once again to my friend Rhys for taking time out of his busy sched to take these shots.

What is your take on color-blocking?


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