Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hay! I missed blogging.  Due to some unforeseen event, blogging had to take a back seat to do some prioritizing.

These photos were taken last Saturday before I rushed my husband to the ER for cellulitis.

Since it's weekend, took the opportunity to dress up to my fashion sense's content without limitations imposed by strict office wear policy.  Brought out my recent fave shorts and showed off a little skin.

Color blue is becoming a favorite.  It just exudes coolness and calmness that is perfect for the laid-back weekend (. . . or so I thought).

The uneven hem provides added drama to this top.

But for the love of my husband, this outfit prevailed for the day as the shorts didn't pass his approval.

(Top and Shorts: Ghills Tiangge / Denim: Levis /  Shoes: Chocoloate Schu)

With the number of pictures taken, you can surmise I enjoyed having these taken.  It pays that you like what you are wearing for that aura of confidence. 

Hope to resume my everyday blogging soon.


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