Friday, February 10, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (Glam Up!)

Fashion has evolved to unbelievable extent that it is no longer applicable for trotting in runways and for use by celeb people only.  It has invaded every maria's closet.  

Who would have imagined wearing sequined and glittery clothes in the office? I do.  Recent visit to Forever 21 got me feasting over variety of sequined pieces, from top to bottom, from one which used sequins sparingly to fully studded ones. . . can't help but drool over.  Since husband was in tow, I exercised some restraint.  

But the call of fashion was too strong and so I subtly gave in.

A day will not be complete without the outfit shot in my usual spot.

Feeling exhausted from the never ending deadline in the office, decided to go out for lunch with dear officemates, Susan and Rhys.  It was so unplanned that I was able to bring my camera with me (what a coincidence!).  My greatest appreciation to Rhys for willingly playing the role of a paparazzi and a lot more (wink! wink!).

(Top: Greenhills Bazaar / Accessory: SM Accessories / Bag: LV)

Meet Susan in her own version of Carrie Bradshaw walk.

Fierce shoes by Steve Madden!

I do not know when this trend started but I remember Jennifer Lopez wearing her sequined pieces quite often during the last season's American Idol.  Well for me, I might embrace this for a little longer.

Have you acquired your glam outfit already?


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