Friday, February 24, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (the ever reliable shawl)

Lately, I have been juggling balls of responsibilities (which are quite a lot than usual) as a mom, wife and a member of the workforce.  I have had no time to dry my hair, more so, to curl or straighten to lessen those frizz.  I have not been afforded ample time to think and mull over my office wear (which I believe really demands some effort and time).  Today was not an exception.  I was the designated driver of my daughter, caretaker of my MIL and my DH assistant for his discharge from the hospital.

Since the day was expected to be hectic, dressed in no-fuss top and jeans.  Did I tell you blue is now my favorite color? Ahh. . . a cool color for the unbearable heat.

Since no time to do the hair, opted to tie it up neat.

The empire cut top is a savior to cover up the additional inches accumulated over few days of eating the food given by family and friends to DH.

Shawl never fails to add some style to a boring pair.  It always comes in handy whether to effect some sophistication or to provide comfort from coldness (of an airconditioned room). It pays to stock up on all colors.

(Top: H&M / Jeans: Levis / Shoes: SM Comfy / Shawl: Surprisingly found my fave color at Shopwise :D)

Another day proudly accomplished with style.


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