Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (Brighten Somebody's Day)

We know going to work everyday is an ordeal.  But do we have to be a walking evidence of that ordeal? They say colors affect a person's mood.  Happy and bright colors can be energizing and uplifting.  Yellow for instance is said to capture joy of sunshine and communicates happiness.  What better way to spread some ray of sunshine in a four-walled office but to put some color in what you wear.

Most of my working clothes are mostly in the family hues of black and brown so this get-up is actually an effort.  But I like what I came up with.  I should have more of this (and I should discover my angle soon or I will have stiff-neck attack).

Don't you like this textured skirt.  I got this from Ghills for less than a thousand.  The saleslady said its an overrun of an imported brand.  

(Blouse, Shoes: Ghills; Belt and accessories: SM Accessory).


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  1. The skirt is a great find, Reg. Kudos to your new blog! I've had mine for a couple of years already and I only have 3 entires. LOL. Enjoy chronicling your outfits! Luveet :) - Rox


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