Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To straight or to curl. . . that is the question

Only few were born gifted with a wash-and-wear beauty.  For most of us, its takes an effort (and money) to look naturally beautiful, more so achieve a well made-up look. 

I believe hair is one which requires the most attention in the whole visual improvement process ("beautification").  After all, hair is one's crown and glory.  As an option,  you can opt to have a rebond for that straight and sleek hair or a digi perm for a natural wave look.  Name it, I had it.  One of the downsides of these semi-permanent treatments is you are constrained to sport it for at least six months or more unless you choose to have it re-done otherwise at the expense of a damage hair.

Since I do not want to be restricted anymore with these salon treatments, I either iron flat my hair for a straight do or curl it during days I want some volume.  Doing this everyday though is not an easy task, thus, my accumulated tardiness.  But in this day and age when being ugly is not an excuse anymore, you just have to work that extra mile.

Meet my best friends:

Ironing or curling, however, is not without consequence.  Subjecting hair to heat everyday will surefire give you dull, brittle and damaged hair.  While hair spa treatment is a must, some just could not have it more often than once a month for some practical reasons.  Meanwhile, you can resort to thermal heat protector everyday to cushion the damaging effect of flat and curl ironing.  The market is offering a wide array of heat protector products.  

I got this:

The reviews on Brazilian Keratin Treatment are mixed.  So far, it does some wonders to my beyond-repaired-hair.  The frizziness is tamed, my curly hair holds longer than usual and my straight hair stays straight until washed.  But the search for the best heat protector is still on.

So for the love of your crowning glory, please do look for any heat protector that would best suit your hair type and needs.


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