Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chronicle of a Working Mom (skirt every working woman should have)

A skirt and a blouse in the office is such a no-brainer get-up.  This pair gets you by in most days out of the 260 days that you have to be in the office in a year.  For financially restraint individual, you can only have so much. . . skirts at least.  Skirts in neutral colors are a must.  One should have few pieces of brown, beige, gray and few pieces more of black ones.  They said neutral colors do not even have to follow the color wheel rule in fashion as you can pair it with any colors you want.  If you have these skirts, you can just mix and match them with different tops and you are sure to trot a decent wear.

The style of this skirt does not give you much help in the slimming effect aspect.  Nonetheless, I love this cut because it tones down what could otherwise be a serious office wear.  One note though to consider, if the skirt has some volume and the length is below the knee, it should be paired with shoes that, more or less, match the color of the skirt.  I tried this outfit with red shoes and arghhh, it made my legs shorter.  It's just a pity I was not able to take a photo of me (for lack of time or else I will be late again) in my red shoes so you will see the difference. 

Put some chunky accessory to be a notch higher than Ms. Average.

(Top, Shoes and Accessory: from Greenhills / Skirt: Zara / Bag: LV) 

Does your wardrobe already have these staples?


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  1. Hi Reg:) I really enjoyed looking at your blog posts. It is a breath of fresh air. In the kind of work that we do, it's really nice to find an outlet for our artistic expressions. Keep posting, and I will keep visiting. Love your photos. Hello to Jocas and the kids:)


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