Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mini Me

You know your daughter can be your best accessory (and vice versa)?  Oh, please don't get me wrong. I didn't mean reducing my daughter to a mere accessory for fashion's sake.  What I meant is your daughter's get up can actually supplement yours (and again, vice versa)


It pays to have an available sewer at my call to implement my mother-and-daughter matching outfit ideas.  This is our version of a raglan shirt.  I am so happy for the zebra print fabric as pocket. It so hip! :D

Got this matching denim shorts from Ghills Bazaar.

I am taking advantage of my daughter's age now when she still enjoys pairing her clothes with mine. I know in just a matter of year/s, she will have her own independent fashion style which is quite visible even as early as now (I will tell you more of this in my next post).

I really love matching family outfits.  Its like putting a stamp of exclusivity to each and every family member.  Hopefully, I will revive soon my interest on my Tutti business.

(Aly's Bag: Zara /  Aly's sandals: Payless / My Shoes and Bag: Kate Spade)

What is your take on matching family outfits?


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  1. I love it. You both look beautiful in your denim shorts and tops


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